2011.09 – September

Application of Voltage Source AC Variable Speed Drives in Process Controls

September 20th.

Guy Bilodaeu

  • Voltage Source Drive Fundamentals.
    • Definition of a Low Voltage Drive.
    • Power structures.
    • Solid State Devices used.
    • Modulation V/Hz.
    • Variable / Constant Torque loads
  • Open / Closed Loop speed control.
    • Open loop V/Hz, Induction & PM.
    • Open Loop vector.
    • Closed Loop (Encoder feedback)
  • Open / Closed Loop Process Control.
    • Open Loop Examples
    • Closed Loop Examples
  • Sizing Motor/Drive fundamentals.
    • Inertia
    • Friction
    • Dynamics


Guy Bilodeau has spent the last twenty two years designing variable speed drive applications and coordinated systems.  After receiving his BS in Electrical Engineering from Old Dominion University, Guy started his career at EMC, an electrical apparatus repair and service business, as the staff engineer.  Over the first five years of his career the fledgling Variable Frequency Drive market started to penetrate all segments of the industrial market, displacing DC technology.  As AC drive technology improved, Guy’s application portfolio grew, and he grew a system integration business.

During next ten years Guy worked at CCA/Wesco in the system integration business, where he specialized in advance drive applications for process and web handling.  At CCA, the AC market overtook all DC drive segments and so Guy’s career moved almost exclusively to AC technology.  These segments included petrochemical, paper, plastics, metals, packaging, wire, food, and marine.  This career path continued at MC Dean after Wesco dissolved all engineering services.

At present Guy is employed at E.I. DuPont in Richmond Virginia in the multiple business unit Technical Department.  Here he continuously leverages his drive knowledge in the various process applications.   At DuPont, most systems designs center around chemical process loops.

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