2012.04 – April

April 17th.

Plant Floor Ethernet

  • The evolution of traditional serial communications to Ethernet.
  • Hubs, Switches, Routers… what is the difference?
  • Why protocols are still valid.
  • An introduction to the OSI Model.
  • What is the Media Access Control Address (MAC ID)
  • What is a packet?
  • An introduction to IP Addresses
  • What is the difference between a Managed and Unmanaged Ethernet switch?
  • Redundancy with Ethernet
  • How does wireless apply to Ethernet.

John Kan of Moxa America’s Inc. has been working in Factory Automation for 25 years. He has a B.S. Mechanical Engineering from General Motors Institute (Now Kettering Institute). His background is concentrated in PLC Programming, HMI / SCADA, Wireless Communications, and Industrial Ethernet in software engineering, application engineering, and sales positions. He has worked for General Motors, Nematron, Ci Technologies, Livingston & Haven, Siemens Energy, and Moxa America’s Inc. Included in his work history is a cumulative 4 years of overseas experience in The Netherlands, Sweden, and Norway.

Our meeting place is: We will be meeting at our regular time of 6:00pm at Carini’s. No RSVP required (invite a coworker) Beer and food off the menu. Directions to Carini Italian Restaurant click on map below:

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