2013.01 Meeting

March 19th.

Measuring Flow in Open Channels

Did you know that you can accurately measure flow of large volumes of liquid by sending it down an engineered channel? This is also called a flume. But riding a log in the flume really messes up the measurement

• The importance of monitoring flow
• Types of flow meters
• Data acquisition

bio: TJ Johnson

TJ Johnson is the sales manager for Delta Systems Environmental, LLC, which specializes in flow monitoring systems. He has been selling flow meters for the past 15 years. TJ is a geologist from ODU and worked for Hampton Roads Sanitation District in flow monitoring for 8 years, so he saw the real stuff before he became a salesman

Our meeting place is: We will be meeting at our regular time of 6:00pm at Carini’s. NoRSVP required (invite a coworker) Beer and food off the menu. Directions to Carini Italian Restaurant click on map below:

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