2013.09 September

September 17th.

Understanding Network Security

Network Security Threats Summary:
- computer security concepts
- threats, attacks, and assets
- hardware, software, data
- intruders
- hackers, criminals, insiders
- malicious software
- Trojan horse, malware
- viruses, worms, and bots
Network Security Techniques Summary:
- VPNs and IPsec
- transport and tunnel modes
- SSL and TLS
- architecture and protocol
- Wi-Fi protected access
- access control and privacy
- Intrusion detection
- Firewalls
- characteristics and types
- Malware Defense
- worm countermeasures

Bio: Currently Gregory teaches, as an Adjunct Instructor, Information Security at several Universities, including the University of California – Irvine, Virginia Commonwealth University, Stratford University, and the University of Phoenix. Gregory is an expert in Information Technology with more than 25 years as a professional. He has given expert testimony on Information Technology issues in several cases in the Richmond / Chesterfield area and has handled several ‘high profile’ cases; including: music piracy, intellectual property theft, divorce, wrongful termination, employee theft, business fraud, insurance claims, and e-discovery (with several cases cited in publications and online reference websites).

Gregory graduated from Medaille College with a B.S in Business, a B.S. in Computer Information Services, and an M.B.A. from Strayer University. He is working on his PhD in Management and Doctorate in Business Administration. He has obtained these certifications CISA, CICA, CFE, CFS, GWAS, NSA-IAM, NSA-IEM, and JIEM.

Our meeting place is: We will be meeting at our regular time of 6:00pm at Carini’s. NoRSVP required (invite a coworker) Beer and food off the menu. Directions to Carini Italian Restaurant click on map below:

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